From a very young age, Viktoria Vay was deeply involved in the entertainment industry. She played at the Hungarian National Theatre in four plays and simultaneously acted in a daily soap opera for seven years. After 10 years of acting, she started to work on the other side of the camera as an assistant to gain experience from the production side of filmmaking. In 2018 she enrolled at Goldsmiths University of London to study creative writing. Today, she is an aspiring screenwriter and playwright. In October, her first play, “Les Amoures Imaginaires” will be put on stage in London at Etcetera Theatre. Her first radio drama called “How To Mid-Twenties” is currently being produced by ‘Write Her Direct Her’. In 2020 her TV series “The ADs” won fund for development at the Hungarian Filmjus Fund. In 2021 she worked as a personal assistant to Alexander Dreymon and Jamie Lee Curtis while graduating from University. At the moment she is developing her theatre play ‘Skating in Central Park’.

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